Good morning,

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we have done our very best to live up to this statement. We have variety, fresh food and the capacity of adapting to any dietary restrictions.

Half Board

The dishes, always prepared with the greatest of care and attention, enhance the flavours of the freshest of ingredients, resulting in an experience that will delight the palate. A gastronomic journey between regional influences and those from further afield, is what we present to you. Enjoy!

À La Carte

The influences are varied, bringing together the different experiences of the various members of our excellent kitchen team. Furthermore, in a world of constant culinary evolution, what we want to do is to keep bringing you innovations.

We are looking to offer something very much based on the freshness of seasonal products, and on what we can buy at a particular time of the year. We invite you to try our recommendations of the day, which always include specialties of Goan cuisine, a former Portuguese colony.

To finish off your meal, take the opportunity of trying our homemade desserts. Give in to temptation, for there are times when it really is worth being naughty!

Wine & Others

They are all Portuguese because, according to experts, they are among the best in the world. From several regions, Madeira included, but also going from North to South of the country, we would like to take the opportunity of giving you a sample of what goes on in the field of wine throughout the country.

Anyone who doesn’t already know them will certainly be agreeably surprised! If you need any advice, we are here for you. Please talk to our Maître D’, for other recommendations, and those not on the menu.