Quintinha de São João


We are in the beautiful city of Funchal, capital of the island of Madeira, approximately 1.5 km from the historical centre. Come visit us and enjoy all the wonders that surround the Quintinha de São João, taking advantage of this privileged location to explore the whole island.


The island’s capital. A city charm, which combines traditionalism or, if you like, identity factors very typical of a place with more than 5 centuries of history to a certain cosmopolitanism, which we tend to find in cities of another dimension but that its opening to the outside brought as creased characteristic. and singular! Nature was very generous to him and Funchal’s amphitheater is stunningly beautiful. There is a lot to do and to visit but we always advise you to follow the old maxim: – in Madeira, be madeirense! Or, better said, if in Funchal, live it as a local.

The sea

We always remember what one day our client, used to diving, told us: “There is no place in Europe where the water is so hot in the winter, nor the water so transparent and rich!” We do not know if it is true but we can guarantee that, from January to December, taking a dip in the sea is usual practice. There are a lot of activities that we can do in the Madeira Sea, from the aforementioned diving, to the observation of cetaceans, passing by diving with dolphins or a simple boat trip. To cry for more!

The mountains

The Laurissilva forest, a UNESCO world heritage site, is one of those assets that we consider almost mandatory to visit. But we also have the paths, trails and levadas (water courses that transport this precious liquid from the mountains to the center of the cities, a truly remarkable work that, on top of that, allows spectacular walks through our mountains) or even more radical activities, such as the canyoning), we have all this to offer and, in fact, we can organize it for you!

You can find us and talk about whatever you wish via "chat" on our site, through social media, by telephone or email. We are always at your disposal, with a tremendous willingness to help in any way possible!