Do you remember the last time you felt the comfort of a hug or the feeling that you are truly welcome in a place that is yours? A place that welcomes you every time you come; a place that leaves you missing it every time you leave; a family waiting for you with open arms every time you return? This house has a big heart and maybe that’s why we like to keep it like this forever; warm and welcoming.

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The rooms

They are the best in the house

The classic style combined with comfort and not forgetting the most modern amenities – such as Wi-Fi – causes the experience to be even more breathtaking… We have 42 rooms, divided into the various room-types that you can find detailed below.

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Quintinha de São João
Quintinha de São João

The Quintinha

About us

Quintinha de São João is one of the old examples still in existence of typical Madeiran “Quintas”. With a history closely linked to that of the Island of Madeira, the Quinta witnessed various experiences over time, eventually becoming what it is today: – A small, charming five-star hotel with 42 rooms. The “Quintinha”, as we affectionately call it, keeps this essence full of history that may almost be relieved by walking through its gardens and all the interior nooks and crannies of the hotel.

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Time for a break

Read a book and surf the Internet, inside or in any corner of our garden. Relax in one of our pools; keep fit in the gym. Above all, come and discover our Spa. And what about the gardens? Lose yourself in its 350 plants and trees species!

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The Flavours

The best delicacies in Goa and Madeira Island

The doors of the Restaurant “A Morgadinha” open for breakfast and dinner to receive guests and visitors. Get ready for the best of scenarios … here is a garden at your feet! The space, classic and welcoming, reveals the typical atmosphere of a traditional Madeiran house.

Sharpen all your senses, especially your taste, as the specialty of the house is the Goan cuisine.
During the day it is at the Bar “Vasco da Gama” or at the “Bar da Piscina” where you can have light meals and, above all, try the famous “Chá da Quintinha”

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Ambassador’s Card

The Quintinha family values your preference. That’s why the Ambassador’s Card was created, a card full of benefits that recognises your loyalty. How does it work? This card may be requested by anyone who has stayed at this hotel at least once.

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What our guests say about us

A gem of a place! Highly recommended!

I was looking for a different kind of accommodation from what we found in the big hotels and the Quintinha exceeded all expectations. It is a beautiful place, quiet, very well cared for, personalised service, excellent atmosphere! The accommodation are excellent! The hotel staff is rated 10 out of 10. The perfect breakfast! We love it and I recommend blindfolded. It was an unforgettable experience.

Quintinha de São João