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Quintinha de São João

Terms and Conditions Ambassador Card

Become a member of the Quintinha de São João family by applying now for your virtual Ambassador Card! Anybody is eligible for this – the only requisite being that you have stayed with us on at least one occasion.

Completely free of charge and offering a variety of benefits, this card becomes valid as soon as you have enjoyed your first holiday and recognises its card holder as part of an exclusive group.


The advantages are straightforward and range from a guarantee of the best available rates to the possibility of enjoying a variety of discounts or free benefits during future ​holidays. They are as follows

*Reduction in room tariffs that will increase according to the number of your own visits and those made by persons staying here on your recommendation;

*Discount on your “extras” bill, according to the amount spent;

*Fresh fruit in the room on a daily basis;

*Flowers in the room on arrival;

*Cake celebrating your wedding anniversary with a small bottle of Madeira Wine in your room where applicable;

*Electric kettle in your room;

*Free access to the Hammam, Sauna, Jacuzzi and special showers in the “Spa da Quintinha” for one day;

*Surprise souvenir of the Quintinha de São João.

Accumulating Benefits

There are three ways to collect benefits that then become specific perks:

1. Number of personal visits

For every 10 nights’ accommodation (booked directly with us and not through an external operator), you will receive one night free for your own use on a future reservation that may be cashed in forthwith or allowed to accumulate to a maximum of 7 nights. In other words, after having spent 70 nights at the hotel you are entitled to 7 nights free of charge. These nights must also be booked directly with us and not through an external operator.

2. Roll as Ambassador

All clients staying at the Quintinha de São João as a direct result of your publicity or recommendation and whose bookings have been made directly with us and not through an external operator, the Ambassador will receive one night’s free accommodation for each 7 nights spent by the person you have sent. These may be cashed in individually or allowed to accumulate to a maximum of 7 nights or in other words, after you have sent 7 different bookings for a minimum total of 49 night’s stay.

3. Extras Bill

Guests who have spent up to a total of 2.500 Euros during their various visits, as cardholders will be able to take advantage of a 5% discount on their “extras” bill. Any amount up and above this will entitle the holder to a total discount of 10% off their “extras” bill.

Other conditions

The use of this card is non transferable and for personal use only. It is also subject to the acceptance of the terms and conditions.
Throughout the year, there may be specific campaigns directed at our cardholders which will increase the benefits already referred to in this letter.
All cardholders will have an up-to-date current account which will take into consideration past stays and expenditure on their “extras bill”.
Where possible, we will add up your past stays and the benefits will come into effect immediately according to the aforementioned conditions. The maximum amount of nights that may be backdated is 70 nights which will allow a total of 7 free ​nights. Anything up and above this will not count
Quote your Ambassador number on your next visit and begin immediately to reap the Benefits. Thanks to you, the Quintinha Family keeps growing!

Updated: 06-02-2019