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A refuge from the vírus

We’ve just had two great weeks at the hotel Quintinha Sao Joao, perched uphill from Funchal, capital of the Atlantic island of Madeira. This was our fifth visit and we were nervous about holidaying during the pandemic, even though Madeira is a destination from which quarantine is not required on return home. The hotel proactively advised us about the measures needed to have a healthy, Covid-free holiday: Madeira insists, as part of its strategy against the virus, on visitors bringing proof of a recent (72 hours) negative Covid test, or taking one at the airport then waiting in the hotel room for the results.

The QSJ staff team has done brilliantly in making adjustments within the hotel, to make life as safe as possible for all, without its measures being intrusive. Much thought has gone into sanitisation, masking, social distancing etc arrangements in place in all public areas, and the staff has embraced all the Covid rules and worked together efficiently and professionally to ensure the delivery of its trademark excellent experience for QSJ’s guests.

It’s sad people have stayed away from the island, not understanding what a great holiday destination it is amid the pandemic, and we felt safer from the virus in Madeira than at home. Despite the current problems, Madeirans remain cheerful and welcoming and there was nothing we did in our previous visits that we couldn’t do now: there is no better or safer destination than Madeira, and the incomparable QSJ – try it and see!

– When Swartz. –

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