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“Green” means all systems go!

Mit | 2 June, 2021 | 0 kommentare

“Green” means all systems go!

Our oldest allies have now been given the “all clear” to travel to Portugal and Madeira without problems from next Monday!

We have most definitely seen, following this breaking news, an immediate boost on all fronts! The number of reservations coming in from the UK, together with a rise in the number of flights and frequencies from Gatwick, Artikel lesen

The image may have changed but the soul remains the same …

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We are excited with the result, despite the fact that it has been a long, and somewhat arduous time coming. I think, however, that this is always the case when producing new sites, at least for us who always have an eye for detail. This is, after all, what we are known for and is what sets us apart as a Hotel!  Artikel lesen

Guestbook #4

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Absolutely fabulous hotel with such kind staff.

We spent 3 nights here at Quintinha São João and could easily have stayed longer. Room was much larger than most hotels I’ve stayed in and a great variety of choices of foods for breakfast.

I have a dairy intolerance and they really catered for my needs and even made me vegan waffles (my favourite!) for breakfast one of the days. Artikel lesen

Guestbook #3

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A refuge from the vírus

We’ve just had two great weeks at the hotel Quintinha Sao Joao, perched uphill from Funchal, capital of the Atlantic island of Madeira. This was our fifth visit and we were nervous about holidaying during the pandemic, even though Madeira is a destination from which quarantine is not required on return home. Artikel lesen

Guestbook #2

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Unsere „kurze“ Wanderung vom Pico do Arieiro zum Pico Ruivo

Coronabedingt mussten auch wir ganze eine Weile warten. Ursprünglich hätte unsere Reise schon Mitte April vor unserer standesamtlichen Hochzeit stattfinden sollen – aber das ging ja bekanntlich nicht. Nun Mitte Oktober waren wir froh, endlich auf Madeira angekommen zu sein.

Obwohl wir schon mehrmals auf Madeira waren (natürlich in der QSJ), Artikel lesen

Guestbook #1

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My partner and I have just returned from two wonderful weeks at the hotel Quintinha Sao Joao, perched a little uphill from Funchal, the capital of the beautiful Atlantic island of Madeira.  This was our fifth visit and before we went, we were a little nervous about the wisdom of taking a holiday abroad in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic, Artikel lesen

Hello world!

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Welcome to Mirai Multisite 3 Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! Artikel lesen