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The image may have changed but the soul remains the same …

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We are excited with the result, despite the fact that it has been a long, and somewhat arduous time coming. I think, however, that this is always the case when producing new sites, at least for us who always have an eye for detail. This is, after all, what we are known for and is what sets us apart as a Hotel! 

Now take a look, see, check out everything! Because there is, in fact, a lot to see, even though this is a small house. We hope you like what you find and are able to appreciate our main objective: – to bring the site as close as possible to the reality of what everyone will encounter when they visit us. 

In addition to a different dynamic and clearly with all the capabilities of being able to sell our unique product – the advantages of booking directly with us are clear – with this website we want to explain who we really are, communicate all that we do, whilst being wrapped in interesting content. With this blog, for example, we will try to talk a little about ourselves, tell some stories whilst transmitting interesting information about Madeira and its people. Maybe we’ll do interviews, talk to partners or even customers; to see where the wind takes us, and follow where inspiration leads. 

We even have a specific and exclusive area for those who are already our customers, with information about the advantages we have on offer for those repeating their visits to the Quintinha. We want also to create a space for local customers, with exactly the same objective and with the hope that they too will be able to recognise that the message is clear, concise and fluid, without wasting too much of everybody’s precious time. For this, these long texts of mine are sufficient … 

For future clients, those who will soon be part of the Quintinha family, we leave a special word. In this house, which is said to seem to envelop all those who visit with a hug, we will all be eager to receive you and will do everything to make your holidays unique. Because they are exclusive and different, even after returning on various occasions.

See you later, and remember; we are always on hand and we are waiting for you!

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