Quintinha de São João

The Quintinha

Born in 1998, Quintinha tries to recreate the spirit of the beginnings of Tourism on this Island, which is born in Quintas da Madeira, which are beginning to be used to receive travelers from other places, who sought in the mild climate and security of the Island a refuge to heal ailments and rest.

It is difficult, today, to explain what this is about Quintas and even more what Quintinha de São João is, so it might make sense to use a phrase we heard from a client, to understand what this concept is: – When we arrived, it seems that we are welcomed with a hug. And this is!

Quintinha de São João

About Us

For unknown reasons, the original far-reaching Quinta was divided into various lots; one of which was the “Quintinha de São João”. The present owner, José Barreto, saw the profitability of enriching an unused area, which induced him to build the Quintinha de São João on an expanse of land that clearly captures and embraces the true ambience of old Madeira residences.

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Quintinha de São João
Quintinha de São João


They say that pictures are worth more than a thousand words. In spite of having a lot to tell you, we remain silent, in an invitation to contemplation.

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Our team

Much more than a family

We smile easily. We have happiness that just grows and grows. We are people. We are the place. We have the hug that we have saved for you on your return home. We have all the time in the world for you! We work with a genuine desire to bring all your requests to fruition and make sure that your holiday on the Island of Madeira is totally unforgettable. At the Quintinha, you will find a highly qualified team entirely at your disposal. Our mission is to make you feel completely at home.

Quintinha de São João

You can find us and talk about whatever is necessary through the website chat, on social networks, by phone or email. We will always be at your disposal and eager to help in whatever we can!